Now I’m back teaching in school, my mornings can be very rushed and I have been know to leave the house having had nothing but a quick cup of tea. Which is why I was delighted to be asked to try FOGA Plantshakes. Read my honest review and see what I thought of the instant freeze dried shakes.

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What are Plantshakes?

FOGA Plantshakes are a range of instant, ‘just add liquid’ whole plant smoothies, made from freeze-dried fruits and vegetables

It’s the easiest way to soar past your five a day, as one daily Plantshake can increase your fruit and veg to up to 30 portions a week!

No chopping, no peeling or no blending necessary – simply shake for a healthy breakfast.

What’s included?

There are various different ways to buy the Plantshakes. You can either subscribe for them, or try a starter bundle or buy them as a one off set. Obviously there are saving to be had if you subscribe.

In my box I had:

Two breakfast Oatshakes in Blueberry pie and strawberry and raspberry flavour, a selection of their most popular flavour Plantshakes and a pouch of super greens essentials blend. Which can be added to smoothies, baking or your breakfast.

The Plantshakes start at £2.38 each if you buy them monthly.

The Oatshakes in a 14 serving bag are £29.99

The super greens pouch is £15.00

Who can eat them?

The Plantshakes vegan friendly, paleo, organic and contain no gluten, soy or dairy products. Perfect for coeliacs like me. They do however come with a nut warning from manufacture.

How do they work?

They come in a 30g pouch – then you just add water/plant milk. Once added you simply shake it up into an instant smoothie. Ideal for keeping in your bag or at your desk. I know many coeliacs that love an instant snack!

Value for money

These Plantshakes and Oatshakes are pricey. But if you’re pressed for time in the mornings but still want to ensure you’re getting something nutritious, full of fibre and diversifying your diet then they would be a good choice.

If I was back teaching full time, they’d be a great addition to my bag when I know I’m going to have too busy a time to even make it to the staff room.

Final thoughts

These Plantshakes are a healthy swap to premade bottled smoothies, which generally have a lot less fibre and often high levels of sugar.
I loved the range of flavours in the Plantshakes, especially the Blueberry and Acai and the Blackberry and Chia.

The Oatshakes I was less keen on as they had a bit of a grainy texture for me. This could however be that I found mixing these harder than the Plantshakes. If you wanted to try the breakfast Oatshakes, I’d recommend, using a proper shaker or giving them a blast in the blender.

Overall, I loved the simplicity of having all that nutritional goodness in an easy to go sachet. The as one daily Plantshake can increase your fruit and veg to up to 30 portions a week.

They even send you a freepost envelop to send the packets back for recycling!

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