Considering a new kitchen in 2021 and want to make sure it’s a safe space for cooking your gluten free food. Check out my post on things to consider when designing your new cooking space. Read gluten free kitchen trends 2021.

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Open plan

Kitchens which maximize the space available and utilise built in appliances in a bank of storage like an eye level double oven. Then keep your main hob area house in an island facing your dining area. Impress guests with your cooking skills and cook wear.

For ages, cast-iron skillets have been king (or queen) when it comes to bringing out the flavor in dishes. Plus the cast-iron skillet can be easily cleaned by placing it in the oven and using the self-cleaning option.


Metallic features everywhere. Not just in the utensils and cookware, but in worktops, cupboard finishes and splash backs. Using metal in your design is great for the added levels of hygiene needed when catering for gluten free.

Remember if you are transitioning from a kitchen that used to cook gluten foods. You must replace wooden and plastic utensils and boards as they can have gluten in the scratches.

Also you probably didn’t know this, but nonstick cookware comes with the risk of harboring gluten. One of the best alternative options is stainless steel.


Full of drama, black may seem like an usual choice for kitchens after decades of the rein of white. But black has many positives, it can actually make a space seem larger when carefully positioned. It also helps you keep a cleaner kitchen as crumbs are easily spotted!

If black is not really for you, check out Barbury Kitchens for a range of darker hued kitchens that still retain the drama. As featured in Great British Brands. If you are local you can check out the range of kitchen Swindon branch has to offer.


Not just see through but colored glass is appearing in lots of inspirational ideas for kitchen design. Think about using it in worktops and splash backs. If you are on a limited budget why not use it for chopping boards in a array of colours.

A new cutting board and knives to match are the perfect gift as they reinvent their kitchen for gluten-free purposes. If you can find completely stainless steel knives and glass cutting boards, these would work best.


Organisation has never been more popular and your kitchen your should be the perfect place to organised. Make sure you incorporate plenty of cupboard and drawer space in your design. Consider what’s best for your needs. Do you need, storage for your extensive spice assortment or your wine collection. Or somewhere to hide the millions of carrier bags you have accumulated.

To improve your kitchen organisation for eating gluten free. Think about label jars and have separate sections for utensils if you are sharing with someone not on a gluten free diet.

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